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Forced Order
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Mortalium AnimosOn Religious Unity 1928
Catholicae Ecclesiae On Slavery in the Missions 1890
Sicut DudumAgainst the Enslaving of Black Natives from the Canary Islands 1435
Humanae Vitae On the Regulation of Human Births 1968
Evangelium VitaeThe Gospel of Life 1995
Pacem In TerrisPeace on Earth 1963
Lacrimabili Statu On the Indians of South America 1912
Super Cathedram Principis ApostolorumEstablishing the Catholic Mission in Vietnam 1659
Nullis Certe VerbisOn the Need for Civil Sovereignty 1860
Sublimus Dei On the Enslavement and Evangelization of Indians 1537
Incredibili On the Persecution in New Granada 1863
Laborem ExercensOn Human Work 1981
Deus Caritas EstOn Christian Love 2006
Sollicitudo Rei SocialisOn Social Concerns 1987
Quadragesimo AnnoReconstruction of the Social Order 1931
Libertas Praestantissimum On the Nature of Human Liberty 1888
Mater et Magistra Christianity and Social Progress 1961
Populorum ProgressioOn the Progression of Peoples 1967
E SupremiOn the Restoration of All things in Christ
Sollicitudo Pastoralis Fostering and Preserving the Orders of Men Religious 1679

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