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2005Inez Dover
2005Caitlin McGee and
2005Meng Lu and Alicia Hurst
2006Lisa Goldthwaite
2006John Jaffee and Mary Lauren Hall
2006Kirsten McKinney
2006Zack Baer and
2006Jim Honeyman
2006Inez Dover
2006Jacob Schribman and Jerry Dwyer
2006Martha Adams-Cooper and Allison Egdahl
2007Zach Snow and Jeff Lebovici
2007David Bloom
2007Lee Gerstenhaber and Tomer Soran
2007Bryan Bernfeld and Dan Lurie
2007Ariel Yelen and Julia Mhlaba
2007Inez Dover
2007Inez Dover
2007Lily Lewis-McNeil and Marissa Dungan
2007Zach Narva and Tesla Cariani
2008Josh Laredo and Lydia Ross
2008Seth Simons and Chris Annas-Lee
2008David Bloom
2008Max Nussenbaum and Jesse Appel
2008Jim Honeyman
2008Sami Mirrer and Diana Raiselis
2008Danny Kessler
2008Inez Dover
2008Inez Dover
2008Jesse Kaplan, Casey Knotts, and Annabel Raby
2008Eva Saltus and Kirsten Holland
2009Edan Laniado, Derek Butterton, Gaby Perez-Dietz, and Flannery Sockwell
2009Rachel Stubblefield and Jackson Davidow
2009John McGee
2009Nathan Wainwright and Gabe Nicholas
2009Dev Luthra
2009Rachel Bronstein and Rachel Gore
2009Seth Simons and Chris Annas-Lee
1009Gabe Nicholas and Rachel Stubblefield
2009Inez Dover
2009Ingrid Rudie and Julia Mandel-Folly
2009Chris Annas-Lee and Seth Simons
2010Sonya Douglas, Caleb Bromberg, Pamela Chen, and Maddie Ceitlin
2010Jordan Ascher and Jen Diamond
2010Kirsten McKinney
2010Mercer Gary and Graham Techler
2010Seth Simons and Jordan Ascher
2010Seth Simons and Chris Annas-Lee

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