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Original homeland of Turin Turambar
City whose name means 'Hidden Rock'
Second High King of the Noldor in Middle Earth
Creator of the Silmarils, the greatest of the Noldor
Killer of Fingon
The Greatest River of Beleriand
Second of the Great Rivers of Belerian
Land of the Seven Rivers
Sword of Fingolfin
Sword of Turgon
City of Doriath, meaning 'Thousand Caves'
Son of Hurin, named 'Turambar'
King of the Valar, Lord of the Skies
Captain of Gondolin, Lord of the House of the Fountain
The Dark Elf
Abode of the above
King of the Great Eagles
Wife of Feanor
The Hound of Valinor
The Father of dragons
Third of the great Elven Houses
Valar who found the Elves, the Huntsman
The Battle of Sudden Flame
Son of Celegorm, creator of the Elven rings of Power in the 2nd Age
King of the Vanyar
'The Grinding Ice'
'Land of Mist' in the North of Beleriand, ruled by the Noldor
The three mountains of Angband
Daughter of Finarfin,tallest of Elf women
Where the first Elves awoke
Dwarven necklace located in Doriath
First of the Noldor, name means 'second' in Quenya
Feanor's teacher of smithing and father to Feanor's wife
Valar, Lord of Waters
Greatest of Dragons, named 'the Black'
Second king of Nargothrond
Number of Houses of Gondolin
First King of Numenor
The Silver Tree of Valinor
The Golden Tree of Valinor
Conflict at the end of the War of the Jewels

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