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Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?February 2006 - present
What is the capital of Bulgaria?
Where was Einstein born?(country)
For which Premier League football club does George Boateng play?Humberside...
Which inventor's creations include the telephone?
What is the deepest ocean on the planet?Over 10000 metres at its deepest
What is the state capital of Idaho?
What is the title of the fourth Harry Potter book?Harry Potter and the....
In what year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister?
In which Americal Civil War battle was General 'Stonewall' Jackson killed?The Battle of...(not Gettysburg)
What is the capital of Barbados?
Which English city is often described as the world's first industrial city?
Who was the first President of the United States?
And who was the third?(US President!)
In what year wasthe LA Lakers franchise founded?
In what year did World War One end?
Who won American Idol in 2008?
Name the current Pope2005 - present
Which explorer is said to have discovered America?
Who wrote 'Jane Eyre'?
What is the current name of the Russian city once known as Petrograd?Also known as Leningrad
Which footballer was bought by Real Madrid for a fee believed to be 80 million pounds last summer?Portuguese
What language, other than Spanish, is natively spoken in Barcelona?
Which civil rights activist was assassinated in New York City in1965?Not MLK
Which astronomer's finger is on display at the Museum di Storia del Scienza in Italy?
Which US President first suggested the formation of the League of Nations?America didn't even join....
Which car manufacturer produces the 'Veyron' model?German
To the nearest billion, what is the current population of the world?According to the US Census bureau
According to Greek mythology, who is the God of the sea?Brother of Zeus
Who was the first Roman emperor?Has a month named after him
Which author wrote children's novels such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Matilda'?British but Norwegian parents
Whose corporate advertising slogan is 'I'm loving it'?
In which film is Tyler Durden a character?Played by Brad Pitt
According to the Bible, who were Jesus' surrogate parents?
What is the official language of Jordan?

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