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World's Best Boss, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton
Assistant TO the Regional Manager, Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
Big Tuna
Receptionist turned Office Administrator
The Temp, goes to prison
Sales Rep turned Regional Manager, goes to Anger Management
Chief Executive Officer for Sabre, mysterious
Uptight Accountant
Chatty Customer Services Rep
Know-it-all Accountant
Warehouse Foreman, takes part in Athlead
Perky Receptionist
Hated Human Resources Rep
'Cookie Monster' Accountant
Sales Rep, becomes Mrs. Vance
Crossword-Loving Sales Rep
Bitten by various animals, cracked pelvis, drives a van
Sketchy Quality Assurance Rep, has a blog on a Microsoft Word Document
Warehouse worker, not a good boyfriend
Takes over as manager, wants to adopt
Moves from Stamford to Scranton to Utica, 'Italian' Sales Rep
Human Resources, talks like Yoda
'New Dwight'
Fired from Corporate, starts a candle company
Tall, bird-like, Sabre employee, loves Japan and Glee
'New Jim' or 'Plop', loves Die Hard
CFO and then CEO of Dunder Mifflin, inventor of 'Suck It'
CEO of Sabre, loves Great Danes, has an autobiography
Replaces Pam, goes to Florida with Jim, tries to seduce him
Briefly dated Pam, competitieve traveling salesman
Works at the Nashua Brach, buys Holly a Woody doll
Warehouse worker, called a 'Sea monster' by Kelly
Female warehouse employee, called 'Pudge' by Michael
Warehouse worker that Oscar had a crush on
Warehouse worker, former 'heart surgeon' in Japan
Female warehouse employee, dates Darryl
Alcoholic, crude best friend of Michael
Replaces Ryan at Corporate, always hates Jim
Replaces Michael Scott, gets badly injured
Gets laid off by Michael on Halloween
Stamford Regional Manager, goes to Staples
Regional Manager before Michael, dies in a car accident
Jan's young assistant
Deangelo's assistant hired only for her looks, worked at Anthropologie
Tech support, restoring a 1967 Corvette
Warehouse worker who vandalizes Pam's mural
Overweight Stamford employee who quits on the first day at Scranton
Stamford employee who was in prison
Jim and Pam's daughter
Halpert baby, shares a name with Angela's son
Handbag saleswoman, dates Jim, cheerleader in high school
Pam's mother, dates Michael Scott
Pam's bridesmaid, dental hygienist, dates Dwight briefly
Michael's realtor whom he dates
Owns a bar, has an affair with Michael
Michael's nephew whom he spanks in the office
Dwight's cousin who lives on the beet farm
Dwight's sister who lives in Boston with her son
Dwight's brother, unknowingly ran a pot farm in California
Almost marries Dwight, father wants to share a tractor
'The Senator'
Angela's infant son, a large baby
Darryl's daughter
Owns a Refrigeration Company, marries Phyllis
Meredith's son, calls Dwight 'Mr. Poop'
Camera crew's boom operator, saves Pam from assault
Agent who has to hunt down Goldenface, has a famous dance

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