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ContributionNameSchool of Thought
Pioneered Growth ModellingNeo-Classical
Efficient Prices for state-owned MonopoliesLausanne School
Pioneered Macroeconomic analysisKeynesian School
Pioneered New Trade TheoryNew Keynesian
Internalizing ExternalitiesNew Institutional Economics
Supply Creates its own DemandClassical School
Game Theory pioneerGame Theory
Endogenous Growth TheoryNeo-Classical
Market Failures due to Assymetric InformationNew Keynesian
Externality TaxNeo-Classical
Pioneered Purchasing Power ParityStockholm School
Invention of IS-LM ModelsNeo-Keynesian
Theory of InterestNeo-Classical
Permanent Income HypothesisMonetarist School
Pioneered Public Choice EconomicsAustrian School
Pioneered Experimental EconomicsExperimental School
Prices bring Markets in EquilibriumLausanne School
Signaling TheoryNeo-Keynesian
Efficient Market HypothesisNeo-Classical
Efficiency AnalysisLausanne School
Life-cycle model of consumptionNeo-Keynesian
Creative DestructionHistorical School
ContributionNameSchool of Thought
Importance and Structure of Property RightsNew Institutional Economics
Optimal level of Investment (q-ratio)Neo-Keynesian
Prices transfer knowledge and InformationAustrian School
Rational ExpectationsNeo-Classical
Demand TheoryNeo-Classical
Pioneered Behavioral EconomicsBehavioral School
Capital TheoryAustrian School
Transaction CostsNew Institutional Economics
Pioneered General Equilibrium TheoryLausanne School
Synthesized GDP AccountingInsitiutional Economics
Marginal Analysis in MicroeconomicsAustrian School
Single tax on land valueClassical School
Self-evident axioms of Human Behavior and Human ActionAustrian School
Interlinkages between population and incomeClassical School
Pioneered Autoregressive Conditional HeteroskedasticityNeo-Classical
Welfare Theory from General EquilibriumNeo-Classical
Division of LaborClassical School
Rent-seekingAustrian School
Comparative AdvantageClassical School
Optimal Currency Areas (development of Euro)Monetarist School
Provided the foundations of CommunismHistorical School
Efficiency WageNew Keynesian

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