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Forced Order
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Name of original golden age Flash who got his powers form inhaling hard water vapors
Second Flash who was struck by lightning and doused in Chemicals
Flash's Sidekick
Real name of original sidekick who eventually went on to become the flash
Real name of Second Sidekick
Name second sidekick went by before adopting the name of the original sidekick
Primary Love interest of second flash and aunt of original kid flash
Name of enemy with similar speed based powers, the reverse flash
Leader of the Rogues who fights Flash with Ice
Evill sentient gorilla and leader of gorilla city
Member of the Rogues that's main weapon is fire
Member of the Rogues that controls the weather
Reformed Rogue who wields a powerful flute
Mainly operates in this fictional city
Original was part of this superteam
Second Flash was a founding member of this major super team
Sidekick was a founding member of this team for young superhumans
Is published by the comics company
Year Created

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