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AGreek God of War, and frequent adversary of Wonder Woman
BAquaman's nemesis, who killed his son, Aquababy
CLeader of the Rogues that makes use of a deadly cold gun
DMercenary Slade Wilson that frequently clashes with Robin and the Teen Titans
EThis entity represented the wrath of God before being replaced by the Spectre. He now usually takes the form of the human, Bruce Gordon.
FAn evil sorcerer that has a habit of bargaining his soul away for knowledge and power
GAn evil sentient gorilla with psychic powers that is a frequent enemy of the Flash
HThis Green Lantern villain gained psychic powers after an alien meteorite caused his brain to evolve at an accelerated rate
IAn evil clone created by Professor Zoom, that manipulated the Rogues into killing Bart Allen
JSome of this lunatics most infamous deeds are killing the second robin, Jason Todd, and paralyzing Batgirl.
KUnlike most ice characters, this villains powers are actually enhanced by heat
LThis genius, bald, billionaire once stole forty cakes. Which is terrible!
MThis super-intelligent French primate is the lover and enforcer of Doom Patrol villain, the Brain.
NThe cosmic force of evil is the ruler of the land of the unliving, and the mastermind behind the Blackest Night.
OAquaman's younger half-brother that wishes to rule Atlantis and destroy the surface
PThis dark parody of Batman was killed by Green Arrow after a bomb of his devastated Star City and killed Roy Harper's daughter
QThis villainess used brainwashed heroes to become dictator of the country Bialya
RThis villain would probably be a lot more successful if he'd quit leaving Batman hints about his crimes
SIn blackest day, in brightest night, Beware your fears made into light Let those who try to stop what's right, Burn like my power
TPowerful Demon lord and father of the Teen Titan, Raven
UThe Earth 3 version of Superman and leader of the Crime Syndicate
VThis immortal caveman claims to have been many of history's great characters, including Blackbeard, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Cain
WThis powerful sorcerer originally was a woman, and is the archnemesis of Dr. Fate
XThe demon that guards the Mictlan Gate in the Netherplains
YThis villain is the father of the Wildcat villain Killer Wasp
ZThe former Kryptonian general that escaped the Phantom Zone to menace Earth and Kal-El

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