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HintCollege Name
Postgraduate college.
Named after the last bishop of Durham.
Built 1858 and 1838 respectively, and amalgamated in 1975.
Oldest college in the university (1832)
Named after a man who also gave his name to a kind of tea
One of two colleges based at Queen's Campus, Stockton
The only college that is really a 'society'.
First purpose-built mixed college. Motto: Aime le meilleur.
HintCollege Name
The religious college.
Originally girls-only. Became mixed in 2005.
Smallest college in the university.
Second oldest college in the university (1846).
Access requires climbing a very long flight of steps
Founded 2006. Self-catering. Named after famous women's rights campaigner.
One of two colleges based at Queen's Campus, Stockton
Well known for being a hexagonal maze.

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