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Can you name the a few events/treaties of the Cold War?

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As a result of this treaty, 2,692 weapons were destroyed.December 1987
North Vietnam was Communist and South Vietnam was Capitalist; this reulted in a _______.July 1954
Truman's policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism or totalitarian ideologyMarch 1947
an attempt by the Soviet Union to block Allied access to the German city of BerlinJune 1948
a U.S. sponsored program to give economic aid to European countriesJune 1947
Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader in 1985; he begins to ease away from old _________ policiesMay 1985
protests in China for a democratic republicMay 1989
conflict that arose after the post World War II division of KoreaJune 1950
an attempt to supply food and fuel to the people in West BerlinJune 1948
conference where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill created plans for the administration of Germany and Poland after the end of World War II July 1945
HintAnswerMonth, Year
an inident wherin the US did not support the many missiles created in Cuba and where; the US attempted to block missile siteOctober 1962
international military alliance created to defend western Europe against a possible Soviet invasionApril 1949
a treaty of friendship, co-operation, and mutual assistance' including the Soviet Union and its satellite states in Central Europe; it contained eight countriesMay 1955
the USSR first man-made satellite launched into orbitOctober 1957
Winston Churchhill declared that an ______ ______ has descended across the ContinentMarch 1946
a common name for the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Agreement; this organization, comprised of the US and the USSR, limited countries' ballistic missilesMay 1972
Soviet Russia's Committee for State Security (___) were the secret police, security agency, and intelligence agency March 1954
This organization limited strategic launchurs and further limited nuclear weaponry. June 1979
The principle of this aggreement was that an attack agaist one would be an attack against allSeptember 1947
a conference where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill planned the last stages of World War II and agreed to the land division of EuropeFeburary 1945

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