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Can you name the answers to the questions with exactly 2 possible answers?

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Can you name the two...AnswersCategory
States bordering Washington?Geography
Official languages of Djibouti?Language
Actors that have won the oscar for 'Best Actor' in two consecutive years?Movies
Artists to get 5 Billboard #1 singles off one album?Music
Evolutions of Geodude?Gaming
Names that have belonged to over 15 different Popes?Religion
Non-Consecutive Labour UK Prime Ministers?History
Ex-Governers of California to have a star on Hollywood Boulevard?Entertainment
Dutch teams to complete the European soccer treble?Sports
Creators of South Park?Television
Square root(s) of 81?Science
Santa's Reindeer that begin with a letter 'C'?Holiday
Harry Potter books involving 'Horcruxes'?Literature
Can you name the two...AnswersCategory
Countries that share the lowest point below sea level on land?Geography
Romantic languages used in the United Nations?Language
IMDB Top 250 films with a 9.2 rating (the highest given so far)?Movies
Venues for the 1985 Live Aid Concert?Music
Famous italian plumbers in gaming?Gaming
Food and drink at the Last Supper?Religion
US Presidents serving under 200 days?History
Fish searching for Nemo?Entertainment
Olympic sports removed for the 2012 Olympic Games?Sports
Aliens from The Simpsons?Television
Moons of Mars?Science
Annual U.S. Federal Holidays in November?Holiday
Dan Brown novels adapted to film?Literature

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