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Can you name the answers about music in Manchester from the 70's onwards?

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The Sex Pistols' 4th of June 1976 concert took place at which venue?
Factory Records was started in 1978 by Tony Wilson and who else?
Tony Wilson pioneered a new music program on Granada known as what?
Who was Factory's producer in chief?
Artwork on Factory albums was done by who?
Joy Division were originally known by what name?
What was the title of Joy Division's debut Album?
In which year did Ian Curtis die?
Curtis' death resulted in the remaining members of the band forming which group?
New Order had only one number 1 in the UK, what was it?
They also released the self-proclaimed biggest selling 12' single of all time. Its name?
What was FAC 51?
What is 'Bez' from The Happy Monday's real name?
What Happy Monday's hit topped the US Dance Chart in 1992?
Who was the lead guitarist in The Smiths?
In which year did The Smith's break up?
The Stone Roses are fronted by who?
What was the title of the second Stone Roses album?
Oasis formed in 1991 under what name?
Oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs was better known by what nickname?
Oasis were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 for “Longest Top 10 UK Chart Run By A Group”. How many consecutive top ten hits had they?
What was The Verve's only UK number 1 single?
Elbow won the 2008 Mercury Prize with what album?
Doves highest charting single was released in 2002. What was it?
Badly Drawn Boy composed and performed the soundtrack to which Hugh Grant film?

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