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Tell me before you ____ ____ _____!J. Walter Weatherman
I'm afraid I just _____ myself.Tobias
Even if it means me taking a ______, I will suck it up.Tobias
I have ___ ___ in the attic.George Michael
But she was MY au pair! I'm the one that _______ ____ _______ and pointed to the laundry room!Lindsay
Steve _____!Everyone
Oh no, its the cops! ... and a ______ ______!GOB
Let the great _______ begin!Tobias
These guys are professionals. They're gonna let the tension build until the last moment before they _____GOB
Oh my God, we're having a ____!!.. _____.Tobias
There's always _____ in the banana stand!George
Did somebody say _______?Tony Wonder
Okay, who'd like a _______ in the mouth?Mrs. Featherbottom
They can't arrest a husband and wife ___ ____ ____ _____.George
You know, Michael, if I may take off my acting pants for a moment and pull my _________ stocking over my head, George Michael has been acting strange lately.Tobias
Wow, we're just blowing through ___ ____ , aren't we?Buster
Good news, everyone! I recently came into some money, but unfortunately, I cant say how or where my ________ _____ is...Tobias
And that's why you always _____ __ _____!J. Walter Weatherman

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