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Known as 'the weeping philosopher', he taught that the universe is in perpetual flux
In his poem 'On Nature' he taught that reality is one and change is impossible
Often cited as the first of the Greek philosophers, he thought that everything is ultimately made from water
A 'sophist' who said that 'man is the measure of all things'
Famous for his paradoxes, including the Achilles, the Arrow, and the Dichotomy
Has been called 'the Feuerbach of antiquity' for his critique of religious anthropomorphism
The first philosopher to teach in Athens, he taught that all qualities are present in all things, and knew that the sun is bigger than the Peloponnese
A great mathematician and religious leader, who explained the origin of the universe in mathematical terms and frowned upon the eating of beans
Known as 'the father of cosmology' he described a drum shaped earth, floating at the centre of the universe
Said that the universe has four basic elements; fire, earth, air and water, and according to legend died by throwing himself into Mount Etna

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