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Do you know random facts about William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar?

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Forced Order
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Caesar refuses the crown____ times.
Portia is the wife of _____.
The wife who commits suicide with burning coals is _____.
A Soothsayer says to Julius Caesar as a warning '____________'
The opening scene takes place upon the feast of the ________.
_____ is the most important thing to have in Ancient Rome.
Antony says that all of the conspirators except _____ acted out of envy of Caesar.
The character of Brutus is __________.
______ says it is better to kill oneself than to be take captive.
The omen on the ides of March and __________ 's dream foreshadow Caesar's death.
In the beginning the action is driven by Cassius, but shifts after Act I to follow_____, who is the protagonist.
Calphurnia is the wife of ______.
____________ appears to Brutus during the night in Act IV.
A character speaking alone on stage is known as ______.
The famous London theater in which many of Shakespeare's play were performed was ______.

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