5B - Government Quiz

Can you name the answer for these government questions?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
Is the U.S.A a true democratic country?1
People are allowed to vote in a democracy. True or False2
Who would be the ruler in an oligarchy, out of these people: A. Most popular group B. The poorest person C.The person who nobody knows3
In a Monarchy, does a king/queen or emperor/empress get voted for? yes or no4
The Netherlands is a country that has a Monarch. True or False?5
What happens in a dictatorship? (a) Everybody has a choice. (b) Everything is run by one person. (c) A few people own the property6
Which of these countries are communist countries? a: China b: Cuba e: Vietnam c:North Korea d:Laos f: all the above g: none of them7
Who was a dictator out of the following? a) Adolf Hitler b) Barack Obama c) Lee Myung Bak8
What country has dictatorship? A. South korea B. North korea C. China D. Japan9
What is Oligarchy? A. A group that leads the government. B. Where nobody leads the government. C. Or where the place of the king or queen get passed on to their children.10
Anarchy is a place where there is no real government (True or False)11
In a Communist Society, there is private property. -True -False12
How does the government work in Oligarchy? A. One ruler tells everyone what to do. B. A few people rule the country. C. Everyone rules themselves13
In which type of society would anarchy actually work? a) About 50 people b) About 10 people c) About 25 people d) About 70 people14
How does ANARCHY normally start? a)the citizens can't decide who the next leader would be b)after a big war, the government fails c)they just decide not to have government15
What is the most opposite of a dictatorship? A) Communism B) Monarchy C) Democracy16

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