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The sword- weilding human warrior of The Fellowship.A
Eldest son of Denethor, and also a human Fellowship warrior.B
Lord of LothlorienC
The few Men of the First Age, descendants from the Elves, superior other men by spirit.D
The fairest of all people. E
Adventurous Hobbit who is left in protection of the Ring.F
The big- headed dwarf of the Fellowship who is never seen without his axe. Hey, Gandalf would have been too easy!!G
Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin are of which race?H
The woods that Legolas ruled over for a few years after the War of the Ring.I
The last name of the director of the films.J
Galadriel gives Merry and Pippin the Noldoryn, which are what?K
The handsome, white- haired elf in the Fellowship. Pretty good with a bow.L
The Fellowship battle a cave troll in the mines of where?M
The evil, destructive bane of Sauron.N
The first name of the actor who plays Legolas in the films.O
The first name of the director of the films.P
The mythical language spoken by the elves.Q
The home of the elves.R
The giant blood- thirsty spider who captures Frodo in her cave. (Book 3)S
The last name of the author of the Lord of the Rings saga.T
A species of very large black Orcs of great strength who serve Saruman.U
The first name of the actor that plays Aragorn in the films.V
Evil wolves who were used as mounts by orcs, they can only do harm once dark has fallen.W
You'd think, all the weird words in LOTR I would find one that starts with x, but no. The answer is X.X
Gandalf's legendary line in the 1st book when confronted by the Flame of Undun. '_ _ _ shall not pass!'Y
The song 'the battle of evermore' by rock band Led _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ features a Lord of the Rings storyline.Z

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