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Definition/ ExampleTermSport
All defenders rushfootball
QB recevies snap from 5 yds back from centerfootball
A pass to the defending teamfootball
Drops the ball after having possession (not 'incomplete')football
Defense gets 2 pointsfootball
After Deuce player earns 1 pointtennis
Slang for the area about six feet inside of the service linetennis
A shot that is hit immediately after the ball bounces, before it reaches its
A score of zero is called
Makes the ball dive, then jump forwardtennis
False move by the pitcherbaseball
Definition/ ExampleTermSport
runner at 3rd is Bunted home to scorebaseball
Abbreviation for Earned Run Averagebaseball
An infielder makes a throw to record an outbaseball
Makes shot while being fouledbasketball
A pass caught in the air and dunkedbasketball
Ball crosses half court line, then crosses back again illegallybasketball
Excessive contact after a playfootball
Dancing or spiking penalty after a touchdownfootball
Player puts ball in playping pong
Player is permitted to reshoot a shotgolf
A player gets credit for passing to a teammate who scoresbasketball

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