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Had to leave Sodom with his daughters
Lot's uncle
God used Terah to bring Abraham out of __ of the Chaldeanstwo letters
Oldest man who ever livedaged 969 yrs.
Killed 1000 Philistines with a donkey's jawbone
Samson's Philistine girl
Gospel author and physician
Who does Luke quote in Acts 1:8and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem...
How many people were taken up into heavenwalked w/God; Chariot of Fire; Born of a virgin
Philemon's slave
Acts and Luke are written to himlover of God
Female judge who told Barak to go to war against Siseraprophetess
Drove a tent peg into Sisera's headHeber's wife
Prophesied the Holy Spirit would be poured out in Acts 2
His seven sons could not handle the demonThe demoniac beat them
Jesus rose again on this day'domingo' in Spanish
He walked on water toward Jesus'Pedro' in Spanish
He cut off the ear of Malchusin defence of Jesus
This disciple brought his brother Peter to JesusThey were fishermen
Peter resurrected this kind woman in Acts 9name means 'Dorcas'

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