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Can you name the Important Destiny Characters?

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Titan VanguardAwoken/Titan
Hunter Vanguard Exo/Hunter
Warlock VanguardHuman/Warlock
Speaks For the Traveler Human
New Monarchy Faction LeaderHuman
Future War Cult Faction LeaderExo
Dead Orbit Faction LeaderAwoken
EDZ VendorHuman
Civillian SniperHuman
Multiple Personality DisorderAI
Titan (Patrol) VendorHuman/Titan
Io VendorAwoken/Warlock
Crota's Bane VendorHuman/Hunter
Shader and Emblem VendorHuman
Year 1-2 Iron Banner VendorHuman/Titan
Year 3 Iron Banner Vendor?????/Hunter
Tower CryptarchAwoken
Crucible Handler?????/Titan
Crucible QuartermasterFrame
Agent of the NineJovian
Reef CryptarchAwoken
Queen’s Wrath VendorAwoken
House of Judgement VendorEliksni
Disciple of OsirisHuman
Felwinter Peak/Farm CryptarchAwoken
Felwinter Peak’s Cayde-6Exo/Hunter
Former Queen of The AwokenAwoken
Former Queen’s BrotherAwoken
Tower Bounty TrackerFrame
Reef Bounty TrackerFrame
Tower Bounty TrackerFrame
Farm PostmasterFrame
Reef PostmasterFrame
Vanguard QuartermasterFrame
Exotic Titan HelmetExo/Titan
Member of Eris' FireteamExo/Warlock
Creator of Bad Juju?????/Warlock
Trials of ______?????/Warlock
I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explainExo
Member of Eris' Fireteam?????/Titan
Member of Eris' Fireteam?????/Hunter
Member of Eris' Fireteam/ Ankh Artifact?????/Hunter
Titan Who Was Killed By Crota Himself?????/Titan
Invented Super Good Advice?????/Hunter
Titan VOG Armor?????/Titan
______ Revenge & ______ Timepiece?????/Warlock
Owner of ThornHuman/Titan
First Owner of The Last WordHuman/Hunter
More Notable Owner of The Last WordHuman/Hunter
_______ Hammer/ Iron LordHuman/Titan
_______ Fire/ Iron Lord?????/Hunter
_______ Fury/ Founder and Leader of Iron Leaders?????/Titan
_______ Lie/ _______ Peak/ Iron LordExo/Warlock
_______ Demise/ Iron Lord?????/Hunter
_______ Lash/ Iron LordHuman/Warlock
_______ Revenge/ Iron Lord?????/Warlock
_______ Wrath/ Iron Lord?????/Titan
_______ Flight/ Iron WolfExo/Warlock
_______ Stand/ Iron WolfHuman/Titan
_______ Choice/ Iron WolfHuman/Warlock
_______ Retort/ Iron Wolf?????/Hunter
Leader of Former Faction 'The Concordat'?????
_______ Hatchet/ Iron Wolf?????/?????
_______ Mercy/ Iron Wolf?????/?????
_______ Peril/ Iron Wolf?????/?????
_______ Bellows/ Iron Wolf?????/?????
_______ March/ Iron Wolf?????/?????
Sacrificed Herself in the Savathun's Song StrikeExo/Warlock
Founder of One of the most influential Golden Age organizations Human
A founder of Future War Cult/ Cayde was in Love with herHuman

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