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Can you name the actors who appeared in films with 3 or more Oscar nominations for acting from 1970-2016?

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Love StoryLead Actor
Love StoryLead Actress
Love StorySupporting Actor
The Last Picture ShowSupporting Actor
The Last Picture ShowSupporting Actor*
The Last Picture ShowSupporting Actress
The Last Picture ShowSupporting Actress*
The GodfatherLead Actor*
The GodfatherSupporting Actor
The GodfatherSupporting Actor
The GodfatherSupporting Actor
The ExorcistLead Actress
The ExorcistSupporting Actor
The ExorcistSupporting Actress
The Godfather Part II Lead Actor
The Godfather Part II Supporting Actor*
The Godfather Part II Supporting Actor
The Godfather Part II Supporting Actor
The Godfather Part II Supporting Actress
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Lead Actor*
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Lead Actress*
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Supporting Actor
NetworkLead Actor*
NetworkLead Actor
NetworkLead Actress*
NetworkSupporting Actor
NetworkSupporting Actress*
RockyLead Actor
RockyLead Actress
RockySupporting Actor
RockySupporting Actor
The Goodbye GirlLead Actor*
The Goodbye GirlLead Actress
The Goodbye GirlSupporting Actress
The Turning PointLead Actress
The Turning PointLead Actress
The Turning PointSupporting Actor
The Turning PointSupporting Actress
JuliaLead Actress
JuliaSupporting Actor*
JuliaSupporting Actor
JuliaSupporting Actress*
The Deer HunterLead Actor
The Deer HunterSupporting Actor*
The Deer HunterSupporting Actress
Coming HomeLead Actor*
Coming HomeLead Actress*
Coming HomeSupporting Actor
Coming HomeSupporting Actress
Heaven Can WaitLead Actor
Heaven Can WaitSupporting Actor
Heaven Can WaitSupporting Actress
Kramer vs. KramerLead Actor*
Kramer vs. KramerSupporting Actor
Kramer vs. KramerSupporting Actress
Kramer vs. KramerSupporting Actress*
Ordinary PeopleLead Actress
Ordinary PeopleSupporting Actor
Ordinary PeopleSupporting Actor*
Raging BullLead Actor*
Raging BullSupporting Actor
Raging BullSupporting Actress
RedsLead Actor
RedsLead Actress
RedsSupporting Actor
RedsSupporting Actress*
On Golden PondLead Actor*
On Golden PondLead Actress*
On Golden PondSupporting Actress
Only When I LaughLead Actress
Only When I LaughSupporting Actor
Only When I LaughSupporting Actress
TootsieLead Actor
TootsieSupporting Actress
TootsieSupporting Actress*
Victor/VictoriaLead Actress
Victor/VictoriaSupporting Actor
Victor/VictoriaSupporting Actress
Terms of EndearmentLead Actress*
Terms of EndearmentLead Actress
Terms of EndearmentSupporting Actor
Terms of EndearmentSupporting Actor*
Places in the HeartLead Actress*
Places in the HeartSupporting Actor
Places in the HeartSupporting Actress
Prizzi's HonorLead Actor
Prizzi's HonorSupporting Actor
Prizzi's HonorSupporting Actress*
The Color PurpleLead Actress
The Color PurpleSupporting Actress
The Color PurpleSupporting Actress
Children of a Lesser GodLead Actor
Children of a Lesser GodLead Actress*
Children of a Lesser GodSupporting Actress*
Broadcast NewsLead Actor
Broadcast NewsLead Actress
Broadcast NewsSupporting Actor
MoonstruckLead Actress*
MoonstruckSupporting Actor
MoonstruckSupporting Actress*
Working GirlLead Actress
Working GirlSupporting Actress
Working GirlSupporting Actress
Driving Miss DaisyLead Actor
Driving Miss DaisyLead Actress*
Driving Miss DaisySupporting Actor
Dances with WolvesLead Actor
Dances with WolvesSupporting Actor
Dances with WolvesSupporting Actress
BugsyLead Actor
BugsySupporting Actor
BugsySupporting Actor
In the Name of the FatherLead Actor
In the Name of the FatherSupporting Actor
In the Name of the FatherSupporting Actress
Pulp FictionLead Actor
Pulp FictionSupporting Actor
Pulp FictionSupporting Actress
The English PatientLead Actor
The English PatientLead Actress
The English PatientSupporting Actress*
As Good as it GetsLead Actor*
As Good as it GetsLead Actress*
As Good as it GetsSupporting Actor
Good Will HuntingLead Actor
Good Will HuntingSupporting Actor*
Good Will HuntingSupporting Actress
Shakespeare in LoveLead Actress*
Shakespeare in LoveSupporting Actor
Shakespeare in LoveSupporting Actress
IrisLead Actress
IrisSupporting Actor*
IrisSupporting Actress
In the BedroomLead Actor
In the BedroomLead Actress
In the BedroomSupporting Actress
ChicagoLead Actress
ChicagoSupporting Actor
ChicagoSupporting Actress
ChicagoSupporting Actress*
Adaptation.Lead Actor
Adaptation.Supporting Actor*
Adaptation.Supporting Actress
The HoursLead Actress*
The HoursSupporting Actor
The HoursSupporting Actress
Mystic RiverLead Actor*
Mystic RiverSupporting Actor*
Mystic RiverSupporting Actress
Million Dollar BabyLead Actor
Million Dollar BabyLead Actress*
Million Dollar BabySupporting Actor*
The AviatorLead Actor
The AviatorSupporting Actor
The AviatorSupporting Actress*
Brokeback MountainLead Actor
Brokeback MountainSupporting Actor
Brokeback MountainSupporting Actress
Michael ClaytonLead Actor
Michael ClaytonSupporting Actor
Michael ClaytonSupporting Actress*
DoubtLead Actress
DoubtSupporting Actor
DoubtSupporting Actress
DoubtSupporting Actress
Up in the AirLead Actor
Up in the AirSupporting Actress
Up in the AirSupporting Actress
The King's SpeechLead Actor*
The King's SpeechSupporting Actor
The King's SpeechSupporting Actress
The FighterSupporting Actor*
The FighterSupporting Actress*
The FighterSupporting Actress*
The HelpLead Actress
The HelpSupporting Actress
The HelpSupporting Actress*
Silver Linings PlaybookLead Actor
Silver Linings PlaybookLead Actress*
Silver Linings PlaybookSupporting Actor
Silver Linings PlaybookSupporting Actress
The MasterLead Actor
The MasterSupporting Actor
The MasterSupporting Actress
American HustleLead Actor
American HustleLead Actress
American HustleSupporting Actor
American HustleSupporting Actress
12 Years a SlaveLead Actor
12 Years a SlaveSupporting Actor
12 Years a SlaveSupporting Actress*
BirdmanLead Actor
BirdmanSupporting Actor
BirdmanSupporting Actress
Manchester by the SeaLead Actor
Manchester by the SeaSupporting Actor
Manchester by the SeaSupporting Actress

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