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LyricsSongFeatured Rappers
I'm just waitin on my cue dog no pledge, she say she like all girls I turn that bitch coedDrake
I got my dark glasses on cause i'm ready for the big lights, all my moneys counted all my rubbers skin tight
Blasting my city, thats yo ass in my ciy, Need a pass in my city and i'm Mr hall monitor
Bottom Line is you the finest, Gave you a new name, my bitchKanye West & Roscoe Dash
Play your cards right and I could blow you up no I aint Gambit, Im wasted wasted this look like a job for captain planet
I called in checked in every night and that was not probation, They gave they 2 cents and we aint ask for no donations
I ask why sometimes like a **** vowel, Been hittin all these trees like a **** owlKanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def
You the man in yo city cool, when am i performin right after you, i'm sorry but you gonna be ranked right after two cause i'm first place and second is my crewKanye West
LyricsSongFeatured Rappers
I just give them line after line after line after, after line after line barcode
So I bought a ticket took longer than expected, came back around like a necklaceLupe Fiasco
So I'm focused they try to throw me off track but they just hurdles, I'm marathoning to the money and you just runnin off in a circleJohn Legend
Yeah I shine ho I shine so much its stunning in my closet, Got a track where all the baddest girls be runnin in my closetSAYITAINTTONE
Rozay Rose over little chandon, She put her hands in my pants now she rockin sean johnChris Brown
They wanna see me dead, but i gave them dedication
I'm stackin my paper my wallet look like the bible, I got girlies half naked that **** look like the Grotto

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