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FirstFull NameLast
Lesser-known American athletic brandFormer Eagles All-Pro running back
7th President's first nameBrown or dark-haired
Singer of Tiny DincerNike, Taco Bell, Scheels, etc.
NBA HOF'er JordanMatt Damon movie triology
The archangelComplementary color of green
Type of wrestling holdSpanish for 'cross'
Hershey's Toffee BarVariety of pepper
To joke; ____ aroundOpposite of a slave
Subway spokespersonMiddle name of poet Poe
Patron Saint of IrelandUsed to walk by old people
The dad in King of the HillObject used to carry things
Homer Simpson's sonAuthor of The Great Gatsby's middle name
Type of police clubMarch Madness runner-up
Winner of a FinalFamous Beetle of the funny pages
An unidentified person: ____ DoeOuter structure of a house
FirstFull NameLast
Famous author KingSpicy East Indian Dish
London landmark 'Big ____'Scottish freedom fighter
Another name for toiletMale deer
Greek hero with the ArgonautsSynonym for inlet
MLB rightfielder HartPro athlete in Milwaukee
Even Steven, Odd ____Another word for pile
Tom Hanks' oldest sonActress Betty
Famous Disney duckIvy League University
Worst NFL draft bust of all time (First name)Someone who works at a flour mill
Small animal in wolverine familyOne of the largest cities in Missouri
Home of George Washington: Mt. ______Musical about a man on a roof
TV show: Everybody Hates _____Not short, but...
What you wipe your feet onBiblical brother of Abel
Someone who works with hidesWindow material
City in FloridaRiver in New York

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