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Dark gray stone, can be polishedA
Minecraft is composed of theseB
The name of the 1.9 UpdateC
You can find wells in this biomeD
A dragon resides hereE
This can be used to set firesF
You need this for a potion of regenerationG
This can suck items from chestsH
They sometimes hold out poppiesI
This can be used to play blocks, but don't put a block in itJ
This gamerule, when set true, stops you from losing items when you dieK
You can use this as a leashL
Milking a mooshroom gets you thisM
An obsidian portal takes you hereN
This adds a flower icon to a bannerO
This object is the only way to get nausea in survivalP
You must mine an ore in the nether to get thisQ
Has a special texture if you name it ToastR
Can soak up waterS
The old name for a villagerT
These types of mobs will not be attacked by the WitherU
Naturally spawned citiesV
This mob rarely drops coalW
You spend it to enchantX
This color dye can only be crafted to make one other dyeY
Can be cured with a splash potion of weakness and a golden appleZ

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