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Can you correctly state the candy-related facts that come with myths and misconceptions?

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What flavor is the purple LifeSaver in the standard five-color pack?
What band requested no brown M&Ms, not because they didn't like them, but to make sure their contract was actually being read?
What candy violently explodes when microwaved?
What ingredient was incorrectly believed to be inside Bubble Yum?
What candy had a fake news story spread claiming it made a child's head explode?
What celebration, surprisingly, has zero documented cases of children being harmed by poisoned or otherwise tampered with candy?
What does the second M in M&M stand for?
What sweet treat actually only has a shelf life of less than 50 days, despite being commonly believed that they could feed us all post-apocalypse?
What candy turned down E.T.'s offer to appear in their movie?
What sweet treat does not, despite popular belief, sit in your stomach for seven years?

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