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Longest Man on the show
Daughter of Longest Man on the show
Had a son Called Byron
Had a child called Finlay
Has a Daughter called Shandi
Arrived in Summer Bay on a White Horse
Was attacked by her sisters husband
Parents died in a fire
has a twin sister
Married twice
Died in prison
had a hearing impairement
was adopted
Died from cancer
The bad boy turned good
Dated Sarah Thompson
Has a brother called Joel
Has a son called Tom
left with her baby and will
her dead father walked her up the aisle
he killed penn graham
he dated two sisters
started in home and away as a child
had the same name as her grandmother
doctor who died from cancer
came from boarding school
did underground fighting
his girlfriend and brother were murdered by the same guy
he was a manager of the gym
he had children with two different women and married another one
was the school principal
could speak french
her brother tried to kill the love of her life
a singer songwriter
manager at angelos
his father was killed by a braxton
he was kidnapped because of his brother
spoilt rotten
came to summerbay with his girlfriend after running away
came to summerbay in search of his brother
had a son called byron
had a child with a psycho
dated chloe
lived with the sutherlands
went to jail for something in did when he was in the sas
a police man
had a son called harry
left summer bay for university
went on to become a police man
died in a car crash
was invloved in people smuggling
dated two cousins
had huntingdons disease
had a problem with alcohol
was killed on her way home from a holiday
became a air hostess
was killed by the stalker
went to jail for killing chloe
went to new zealand
dated hayley

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