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What is the abbreviation for CM Punk's finishing move?
What superstar was thrown from the top of hell in a cell through the announce table?
Who was the longest reigning WWE champion?
What superstar is undefeated at extreme rules?
What WWE diva was the last to hold the Woman's Championship?
What year did John Cena Debut?
What superstar is undefeated at Wrestlemania?
What superstar's finisher was 'The atomic Leg drop'?
What superstar is famous for the middle finger?
What superstar zip lined into wrestlemania 12?
Who did AJ Lee leave at the alter on raw 1000
What superstar had the finisher 'Five Star frog Splash'?
Who is Undertaker's Half brother?
Who was the Raw general manager for the longest time?
How many times has Hulk Hogan held the WWE Championship?
What superstar's nickname is Y2J?
What is Cm punk's real name?
What is Daniel Bryan's finisher called? (submission)
What superstar is known for being the Worlds Strongest man?
Ryback has a finishing move called...
What WWE superstar is knows as the world's largest athlete
Which superstar is the only one in history to kick out of Big shows knockout punch?
Dolph Ziggler is known as...
What pay per view did Kane debut?
What superstar ended ric Flair's Career?
What superstar is known for break dancing?
What is HHH's real name?
What superstar walked on his hands in the royal rumble to avoid elimination
What is the name of Nikki Bella's twin sister?
Stone cold Steve austin had a finisher called...
What wrestler had the finisher 'Bonzai Drop'?
What superstar had the finisher 'Torture Rack'?
The rock had 2 finishers, they were called
Vader's finisher was called...
How much does the big show weigh?
The great khali is from what country?
What diva faced Heath Slater at Raw 1000?
What year did Damien Sandow win his Money in the Bank contract?
Stone cold's nickname was...
What diva has the most Divas Championship reigns
The tag team of Kane and Undertaker was called...
The tag team of Daniel bryan and kane was called...
Name this superstar's theme song: 'I hear voices in my head'
Matt hardy's finisher
Jeff Hardy's Finisher
Who did Edge spear through a flaming table?
Who was Undertaker's first wrestlemania opponent?
Who was the youngest WWE champion of all time?
Who was the youngest world Heavyweight Champion of all time
What does RKO stand for?
Who is the owner of the WWE?
Who was Vince McMahon's Brother?
Who was the first Intercontinental Champion?
Who was the first United states champion?
Who was the first tag team champion?
Who won the first royal rumble Match?
Who's Finisher is the 619?
Who is the smallest wrestler of all time?
Who spent the least time in the WWE before capturing the WWE championship?
How long was CM Punk's famous WWE Championship reign?
What three wrestlers make up the shield
Who ended Bruno Sammartino's 2,083 day championship reign?
Who did Goldberg spear first in the WWE?
What superstar debuted at wrestlemania in 2013?
What superstar has the nickname, Funkasourus
Who betrayed CM Punk at money in the bank 2013?
What was the Original WWE called?
The superstar that says 'The truth has set me free' is...
The miz fired his manager in 2011. This manager's name was...
John Morrison had a finisher called...
What superstar has a theme song that goes like this' Only smoke and mirrors'
Ric flair's submission maneuver was called...
At what pay per view did the shield debut?
Is this storyline real of fake type true for true and false for false- I just won the WWE championship. I know must have sex with my girlfriend in the ring
Is this storyline real of fake type true for true and false for false- I just cashed in money in the bank on cm punk and won, i now must pie him in the face
What numbers do stone cold always refer to?
Brett hart's nickname was
Who did CM punk face in his first match?
Who was Yokozuna's ring manager?
Who's finisher was 'Clothesline from hell'
What is Undertaker's real name
What diva is married to the Undertaker in real life?
What WWE superstar hit santa with his sports car on the raw christmas addition?
Who is the only superstar to cash in money in the bank and lose for the WWE championship?
Who is the only superstar to cash in money in the bank and lose for the WWE Heavyweight championship
Who did edge spear off the top of a ladder?
Who is the only person to Face undertaker two wrestlemanias in a row?
Who did HHH marry is real life?
Who did Hulk hogan defeat for his first WWE championship?
How many times has Batista won the world heavyweight championship?
What number royal rumble entry has the most wins?
What Diva has the submission 'Sharpshooter'
What superstar won the Intercontinental title in his debut match?
What diva was named diva of the year in 2012
What referee interfered in the 2012 hell in a cell match for the wwe championship
Who was voted WWE's biggest villain of all time (
What wrestler died of Overdose in his apartment?
Who was the only wrestler to die in the ring?
What is shane mcmahon's finisher called?
Who was voted the best WWE superstar of all time(

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