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To fall on the ring
A rivalry between to wrestlers
WWE calls male wrestlers...
WWE calls female wrestlers...
A character's personality
Person who decides who wins or loses
When a wrestler loses a match by being pinned
Ringing the bell 10 times to honor a recently dead wrestler
Group of people who write storylines
A specific moment in a match
When wrestlers tell each other what moves they are about to do
A wrestler who always loses matches to enhance talent
When a wrestler dominates and ends a match quickley
When one wrestler agrees to lose to another
A double crossing
Good Guy wrestler
Bad Guy Wrestler
Change from a good guy to a bad guy or vice versa
When one wrestler is boosted from mid card to main event
Cut yourself to draw blood for effect
Mexican style of wrestling
Violent Wrestling
To mess up a move
A group or team of wrestlers
A list of events and matches for the show
Getting boo'ed from the fans
Getting cheered by fans
When a wrestlers face is 100% covered by blood
A non televised match
A wrestler's T-shirt, wristbands ETC for sale
A wrestling company calls themselves...
A planned end to a match
A wrestler's best move that they use to end a match
When a wrestler is extremely tired during a match
A risky top rope manuver
An untelivised event
Smaller promotions than WWE
Another wrestler coming into a match that they aren't supposed to be in
To start or kickoff a show
Biggest and usually last match of the night
To escape from a pin
To give up while in a submission
Making everything seem real
Women accompany to the ring
To freak out as a fan
A manager that does the talking for his wrestler
When a wrestler talks
When a wrestler pretends a move hurt
When a wrestler decides to make a move look like it didn't hurt
When someone is almost pinned
A wrestler not showing up for his match
A wrestler who is next in line for a title
Rules of a match
When a wrestler is accepted by the fans
Fictional location where a wrestler is billed to be from
A wrestler who acts like a fan
hand out tickets to an event to make it look more popular then it really is
An easily beatable champion
A wrestler who only fights for titles
To give a wrestler a new character
When a ref falls down
Forgetting how to wrestle well
A part of the show that isn't a match
The actual ring
Using legit force when doing a move
big screen in the arena that has wrestler's videos and shows the match
When a title isn't held by anyone
When a referee signals that a wrestler is injured
When a wrestler says his opinions
A video to hype people for something

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