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Used in making glass, ceramics, and solar cells
Used in making steel and magnets
Used to float balloons and in laser beams
Used as the 'lead' in pencils and as fuel
Used to freeze biological specimens and in industry as a blanketing gas
Keeps almost all living things alive
Used in making acid for fertilizers and in detergents
Used for bleaching textiles and for preserving food
Used for bleaching and to kill bacteria in pool water
Used in vegetable oils and in rocket fuels
Used in incandescent and flourescent light bulbs
Used in batteries, TV screens, and paint
Used in foil sheets and in electrical connections
Used in making wires, jewelry, and eating utensils
Used in plumbing, electrical wires, and coins
Used in making mortar, concrete, and gypsum
Used in jewelry and coins
Used in thermometers and in pesticides
Used in jewelry and dentistry
Used as an antiseptic solution and an additive for table salt
Used in pacemakers and in space missions
Used to color glass, in nuclear reactors, and for shielding of radiation
Used in cancer therapy
Used in bombs and in power generation for satellites
Used in antacid medicines and in cosmetics

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