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'Oh well, I suppose I will have to rob you another time,'
'He guessed that the water truck should be coming soon, but he didn't finish all the water, just in case he was wrong.'
'She snatched them and covered herself with the bundle. 'Did you follow me?' she nearly screamed.'
'...'try to tell me exactly what goes on inside your head when you get a multiplication like that to do.''
''So the idea was that Dad would fly into the airport and Mom and I would drive out and pick him up and we would all continue on to Grandma's house for the holidays.''
''It's a huge score and he's the perfect target, exactly the kind of guy I used to look for to swindle.''
'The tent city has already risen, to the delight of the crowd of townspeople hanging around watching.'
'I hated her for the fact that at the age of twenty-six I lived in a box room in a semidetached house just so she could have her illegitimate son with her in the bigger bedroom.'
'Because of the wax and makeup covering my skin, I had the strange sensation of having lost all feeling in my face; every time I touched my cheek, I could feel only a vague...'
'Of course I wanted to know what it was about. But at the same time I didn't. It was like a secret ritual, where they both knew exactly what to do.'
'He was wearing an orange jumpsuit and had steel cuffs on his wrists. He was being held without bail because his latest arrest violated his probation on the TrimSlim6 conviction.'
'I would like to say that his request surprised me, caught me off guard, but I think part of me expected this, even...'

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