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People are sovereign / Ends legitimate / Expounding
Judicial Review
Cannot take land back
Can't modify charter
Bankruptcy law can't discharge debt
Beneficiaries of will changed / Cannot take A --> B
Bankruptcy law at time of passing ok (JM dissents)
Natural Law Dead
Native Americans can't sell land to private / Natural law yields to conquest
During war, congress can take property
1+1 = 2
Dam ok because of police power
BoR doesn't apply to states
Second charter doesn't impair contract
Police power allows shipowner to force payment
Local pilot law OK because congress hasn't consented
Congress can consent to violations of CC
Clams not P&I
Right to travel is in structure
Slaves not commerce
States cannot regulate slaves
Blacks are not citizens
President can respond to war
President cannot suspend Habeas Corpus
Must try in court when civilian courts open
Coining money Ok,
P&I of 14th Dead
Law is not a privilege / Women belong in home
Citizenship =/= right to vote
Native Americans can't vote
14th prevents discrimination on jury
Seperate but equal OK
State action doctrine
Freedom of Belief NOT action
Can regulate grain because of public interest
Freedom of K invented
Mining regulated because of danger
Bakers / Freedom of K in 14th Amendment
Women have right to negotiate their own contract
Regulating undesirable activity trumps 14th
Congress cannot regulate production
Congress cannot overrule SCOTUS via tax
Chickens had come to rest --> cannot regulate
Spending for general welfare violated by 10th Amendment
State CAN regulate milk prices
Contracts Clause Dead / Extend Foreclosures
Freedom of K invented / Overturns Adkins
Footnote 4: Rational Basis Test
Hypothesize rational basis
Stream of Commerce
10th Amendment is a truism / Child labor reg ok
Wheat in the aggregate
Travel affects interstate commerce
Ollie's BBQ
Hot dog stand
Loan sharking interstate
(1) Channels (2) instrumentalities (3) substantially affects
VAWA not commercial, not interstate
Marijuana ok to regulate
USFG can bribe
Natural laws of general applicability don't violate free exercise
Proportional and Congruent / Congress know your place
Wages within state (10th)
'Unworkable' / Politics will solve
Can't commandeer states
Can't conscript local officials
Right to privacy in 14th and 9th
(1) unworkable (2) detrimental reliance (3) change in facts
Bedroom doesn't make offense OK
No law based on morals
Enemy combatants may be tried
3 Levels of Presidential Power
US Citizen must be given Due Process
US must follow geneva convention / Limo driver
Habeas applies to non-US citizens
Separate but equal creates inferiority
All deliberate speed
Freedom of choice unconstitutional
Large power to desegregate
Busing OK in north
No inter-district busing
Can't voluntarily bus

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