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Can you name the miscellaneous things that begins with AA to ZZ?

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AA: Danish city
BB: American blues guitarist
CC: American baseball player
DD: WW2 amphibious vehicle
EE: Non-volatile memory used in computers
FF: Narrow gauge heritage railway in Wales
GG: American punk rock artist
HH: USAF SAR Helicopter
II: Worldwide governing body for ice hockey
JJ: Finnish racing driver, formerly F-1
KK: Most succesful Serbian basketball club
LL: Australian tennis player
MM: A type of computergame
NN: The first President of Nigeria
OO: Traditional Chinese drink
PP: Soviet WW2 submachine gun
QQ: Australian television station
RR: A British-operated research ship
SS: Italian football club
TT: Russian semi-automatic pistol
UU: Finnish region
VV: Dutch football club
WW: American entertainment company dealing primarily in professional wrestling
XX: Manga series
YY: Character from The Elric sequence (by Michael Moorcock)
ZZ: American rock band

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