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Year the film was released
Director of the film
School teacher, married, has a son, played by Bradley Cooper
Dentist, in a three year relationship, played by Ed Helms
Brother of the bride, very odd, played by Zach Galifianakis
Groom, goes missing, played by Justin Bartha
Stripper who Stu marries, played by Heather Graham
Her baby's name
Although Alan names him...
City they go for the bachelor party
What hotel they stay at
Stu's mean girlfriend who had sex with a bartender on a cruise
Doug's future father-in-law, Sid gives him what kind of car
Gangster who jumps out of the trunk of the car naked and beats them with a crowbar
Alan puts this drug in J├Ągermeister that makes them forget everything that happened
What Alan meant to put in the J├Ągermeister
Celebrity whose tiger they steal
Guy who runs The Best Little Chapel
Doug is marrying...
What Stu loses
Stu plans to propose to Melissa with his grandmother's ring she had during...
Although Stu is a dentist, he is referred to as a...
How did Alan's grandfather die during World War II
Alan carries what around that everybody calls a purse
Alan is not supposed to be within 200 feet of a school or...
What song is sung at the wedding reception

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