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Can you name the guest stars who have appeared on The Big Bang Theory?

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ClueGuest StarHint
Recurring guest star, plays himself, Sheldon has repeatedly sworn vengeance on himfrom Star Trek: The Next Generation
Recurring guest star, plays Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooperfrom Roseanne
Signed autographs at the comic book store, but Sheldon missed seeing him because he had to appear in court, then got a restraining order from him for entering his housewriter of Marvel Comics
Howard became his engineer, Sheldon wanted to meet him and Howard decided to introduce Sheldon in exchange for doing chores for himfamous physicist
Played a science fiction icon who Sheldon idolizes and did the voice of a toy version of his character that talked to Sheldon in a dreamfrom Star Trek: The Original Series
Was a guest at a party of Sheldon's nemesis who Sheldon wanted to meet until he opened his autographed action figure and became Sheldon's new nemesisfrom Star Trek: The Next Generation
Actress who Howard has fantasies aboutfrom Battlestar Galactica
Actor who appears in Howard's fantasiesfrom Star Trek: The Original Series
Showed up late for a party that Sheldon was having with Zack, Barry Kripke, and Stuart; reappeared on Sheldon's 'Fun with Flags'from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Was on a train with the guys when they went to San Francisco to attend a symposiumfrom Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
When Raj was excited about being on People Magazine, he told a man at The Cheesecake Factory who turned his head to reveal himself and told him to call him when he's on the coverfrom Two and a Half Men
ClueGuest StarHint
Played Professor Crawley, an agitated entomologist who works at the university and settled the dispute Sheldon and Howard were having over what kind of cricket they foundstand-up comedian
Played Penny's father, Wyattfrom Nashville, Deadwood, and Dexter
Was at the Cheesecake Factory when Sheldon became a virtual presence and wanted him to sign his computer, but Sheldon dropped it on his way to the restaurantco-founder of Apple Computer
Appeared on a video link Howard saw of him giving space-themed candies to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, also bragging about his accomplishmentsfamous astronaut
Played Sheldon and Leonard's childhood hero, Professor Protonfamous actor and comedian
Was at the airport when Howard returned from space and drew a large crowd that Howard thought was for himhost of Deal or No Deal
Professor Proton's rival who Sheldon befriended when Proton chose to work with Leonard; Sheldon ended up getting a restraining order from himhost of kids' science show
When the guys couldn't go to Comic-Con, Sheldon located this celebrity known for his famous voice and had a fun night with himfrom Star Wars
While Sheldon and the celebrity were having their fun night, they played a prank on this actress from the same franchisefrom Star Wars
Played a urologist, Dr. Oliver Lorvis, one of Penny's pharmaceutical clients who was attracted to her, later the guys befriended him and got stuck in his basementmovie actor

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