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Can you name the actors who appear in the first three Scream movies?

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Dwight 'Dewey' RileyAppeared in all 3 films
Sidney PrescottProtagonist, appeared in all 3 films
Gale WeathersAppeared in all 3 films
Randy MeeksAppeared in all 3 films, killed off in 2nd film, appears in videotape in 3rd film
Billy LoomisAppeared in 1st film as the killer
Stu MacherAppeared in 1st film as the other killer
Tatum RileyAppeared in 1st film
Cotton WearyAppeared in all 3 films, killed off in 3rd film
Casey BeckerAppeared in 1st film as one of the first victims
Casey 'Cici' CooperAppeared in 2nd film
Debbie Salt (Mrs. Loomis)Appeared in 2nd film as the killer
MickeyAppeared in 2nd film as the other killer
DerekAppeared in 2nd film
HallieAppeared in 2nd film
Maureen EvansAppeared in 2nd film as one of the first victims
Chief Lewis HartleyAppeared in 2nd film
JoelAppeared in 2nd film
Sorority Sister LoisAppeared in 2nd film
Sorority Sister MurphyAppeared in 2nd film
Detective Mark KincaidAppeared in 3rd film
Roman BridgerAppeared in 3rd film
John MiltonAppeared in 3rd film
Tom PrinzeAppeared in 3rd film
Sarah DarlingAppeared in 3rd film
Angelina TylerAppeared in 3rd film
Jeninfer JolieAppeared in 3rd film
Tyson FoxAppeared in 3rd film
ChristineAppeared in 3rd film
Steven StoneAppeared in 3rd film

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