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Can you name the characters who get killed off in the Scream trilogy?

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Stabbed 4 timesScream
Neck crushed by garage door frameScream
Throat slitScream
T.V. dropped on headScream
Shot in the headScream
Stabbed in the cheekScream 2
Stabbed 6 timesScream 2
Stabbed twice in the back then thrown off balconyScream 2
Stabbed 4 timesScream 2
Throat slitScream 2
Driven right into construction workScream 2
Stabbed 3 times in the chestScream 2
Shot in the chest Scream 2
Shot numerous timesScream 2
Shot in the neck then in the headScream 2
Stabbed in the backScream 3
Stabbed in the chest twiceScream 3
Stabbed in the backScream 3
Stabbed in the back and hit with panScream 3
IncineratedScream 3
Stabbed in the chestScream 3
Stabbed in the stomach then thrown out of windowScream 3
Stabbed in the back and stomachScream 3
Throat slitScream 3
Shot in the headScream 3

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