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How many seasons did the show have?
What year did the show start?
What year did the show end?
What was the name of Danny's wife, Jesse's sister, and D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle's mother who died in a car accident?
What was Joey's profession?
What grade were Danny and Joey in when they first met?
What talk show did Danny co-host?
Who was his co-host, who married Jesse?
What state did she come from?
Who was Jesse's all-time favorite musician and inspiration?
What was the family dog's name?
What breed of dog was he?
What stunt did Jesse pull as his 'last adventure' before getting married?
Which friend did Stephanie 'marry' when she felt left out about being the middle child?
What radio show did Jesse and Joey host?
On whose birthday were the twins, Nicky and Alex born?
Where did Joey first live in the house?
What kiddie show did Joey host with his puppet, 'Mr. Woodchuck?'
What was the name of the first boy D.J. kissed?
Who was Danny's temporary co-host and fiancee for a short time

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