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Can you name the celebrites who guest starred on Full House?

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Episode DescriptionCelebrity
Comedian who took over Joey's night at the comedy club, known for her famous laugh
Played D.J.'s cousin, Steve, was on Growing Pains
Singer who D.J. tried to get an autograph from by skipping school
Legendary rock band who were meant to appear on Wake Up, San Francisco but they're plane was fogged; the family ended up singing with them at their concert
Played Danny's mother, Claire in Season 3
The host of 'Star Search' who appeared in Season 3
Played Jesse's old friend, Pete Bianco who knew him as 'Dr. Dare,' was on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi
Entertainer who Joey opened for in Las Vegas
Episode DescriptionCelebrity
Guest starred as his famous TV character, 'Steve Urkel' who helped Stephanie's problem with her glasses
Famous movie duo who were shooting the pilot episode to a new show Joey got to be in
Singer who sung on Stephanie's 10th birthday party
Singer who played himself as Denise's uncle and performed at Joey's election rally for PTA president
Legendary actor who played a lonely joke store owner who dressed up as Santa Claus
'Brady Bunch' star who appeared as himself on Rush Hour Renegades and new lead singer of The Rippers
Basketball player who was referee for a charity basketball game Jesse was playing in

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