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Can you name the unsubs on Criminal Minds based on their mental illness

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HintAnswerEpisode (actor)
Makes people into puppets by dislocating their bones and boring holes in their hands and have them perform in a show recreating his father’s murder but ending it differently'The Lesson' (Brad Dourif)
Obsessed with a line of dolls she had as a child which were given to her by her psychologist father who molested her, so she drugs and kidnaps women to recreate the dolls'The Uncanny Valley' (Jennifer Hasty)
Suffers from a psychotic break he is unaware of, killing the gangsters who murdered his girlfriend, listening to her voicemail and drawing the killings as his next comic book'True Night' (Frankie Muniz)
Has two different personalites that of his religious father who abused him as a child and an angel, Raphael'The Big Game' and 'Revelations' (James Van Der Beek)
His father was a serial killer who traumatized him as a child and as an adult, he suffers a psychotic breakdown killing random people when having flashbacks'Haunted' (Sean Patrick Flanery)
Carries out his psychotic mother's mission of killing women believed to be the Devil's Wives by drowning them then poisoning them with nicotine'Heathridge Manor' (Kyle Gallner)
A satanist who freezes mostly women then eats them and has also fed their remains to others'Lucky' (Jamie Kennedy)
HintAnswerEpisode (actor)
Kidnaps women he tries to dress as his dead actress mother in order to emulate them into her, also talks to his mother's corpse thinking she's alive'Reflection of Desire' (Robert Knepper)
Because his girlfriend dumped him, he killed her, but she haunted him after that and also feeds parts of her head to women he rapes and tries making them into praying mantises'The Inspiration' and 'The Inspired' (Fred Koehler)
Believes her dead husband's ashses cured her skin disease, but thinks she still had it and so did her daughter, so she kidnaps healthy men and makes them into fertilizer'The Good Earth' (Anne Dudek)
A schizophrenic insomniac who suffers from hallucinations of people he killed in a church fire who tempt him to murder people'With Friends Like These...' (Bug Hall)
A psychotic break causes him to have a delusion that his wife and daughter are kidnapped and his loved ones are imposters all having to do with an operation he had in the military'Dorado Falls' (Max Martini)
Has a split personality where he's a woman who rapes men who remind him of his abusive stepfather'Conflicted' (Jackson Rathbone)

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