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to play
to measure
to choose
to establish
to function
to add- increase
to withdraw - retire
to turn
to pretend
to mean- signify
to suffer
to win
to smile
to marry
to change
to solve
to apply
to laugh
to offer
to reduce
to eat
to be born
to verify
to contain
to kill
to determine
to help
to decide
to utilize
to indicate
to deliver
to support
to imagine
to participate
to define
to launch
to generate
to repeat
to tease
to result
to get together
to accept
to hit
to assume
to close
to come down
to abandon
to catch- hold
to lead
to mark
to invlove
to wish
to conclude
to avoid
to earn
to refer
to exit
to occupy
to reveal
to move up
to sit
to discuss
to recognize
to accompany
to belong
to elect
to accomplish
to perceive
to force - oblige
to highlight
to run away
to ensure
to prefer
to construct
to prepare
to stay
to announce
to find
to buy
to depend
to start
to finish-to end
to stop
to sell
to transform
to extend
to forget
to approximate
to understand
to touch
to judge
to publish
to point
to sleep
to observe
to increase
to divide
to defend
to miss
to cause

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