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Can you name the important events during Jackson's Presidency?

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In 1832, This state passed the Nullification Act
The first Whig president
What Act did Jackson pass to deal with Indians?
Jackson believed ______ treated the common people unfairly
This refers to giving jobs to one's political supporters
He ruled that the Cherokee had the rigth to keep their lands.
State banks contributed to the ______ by printing more paper money.
Who did little to ease the impact of the Panic of 1837?
Jackson's handpicked successor
The political party that developed in opposition to Andrew Jackson
The bill that passed the highest tax on imports
Group of informal advisors for Jackson
Man who led South Carolina's fight against the tariff
Massachusetts Senator who spoke in Congress against the principle of nullification
Came up with interchangable parts
Snuck the plans for a spinning machine out of England and built a factory in Rhode Island
The invention and use of machines was actually stimulated by a shortage of

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