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What did Mr. Schue put in Finn's locker to get him to join Glee Club?Pilot
What club does Rachel join to impress Finn?Showmance
What is the name of the Vocal Adrenaline coach that the kids want to hire?Acafellas
What role on the football team does Kurt audition for?Preggers
Name one way that April influences the kids in a negative way.The Rhodes Not Taken
Which guy tells the girls that they took pills?Vitamin D
What does Rachel give Jacob to keep Quinn's pregnancy article from being published?Throwdown
What does Finn and Quinn wear around school to seem cooler?Mash-Up
Sue donated money for handicap ramps. How many?Wheels
Why was Matt absent this week?Ballad
Hairography is like cool......?Hairography
What is the name of the school yearbook?Mattress
Who replaces Finn for the competition?Sectionals
Name one of the two girls Finn goes on a date with.Hell-O
Name one of the two characters who joins the Cheerios.The Power of Madonna
What is the reason Kurt gives for setting up his dad with Finn's mom?Home
Who created the Glist?Bad Reputation
The episode is called laryngitis, but what does Rachel actually have?Laryngitis
Who helps Rachel find out who her biological mother is?Dream On
What rival show choir does Rachel's biological mom coach?Theatricality
Where do Puck and Finn get a job to help pay for new cars for Vocal Adrenaline?Funk
Who is the one New Directions member who didn't go to the hospital with Quinn?Journey
Where did Rachel send Sunshine for her audition?Audition
What is Brittany's full name?Britney/Brittany
What happened to Burt?Grilled Cheesus
What crime did Puck commit?Duets
Who played Riff Raff?The Rocky Horror Glee Show
What did Blaine's texts to Kurt say?Never Been Kissed
What food does Sue ban from school?The Substitute
What does Sue's mom do for a living?Furt
Who replaces Kurt in New Directions?Special Education
What does Sam ask Santa for for Christmas?A Very Glee Christmas
What does the football team chant to distract the other team?The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Santana had mono so many times it turned into.....?Silly Love Songs
What group did Sam start?Comeback
What is Rachel's party called?Blame it on the Alcohol
What does Emma mistake afternoon delight for?Sexy
How many original songs did not make it to Regionals?Original Song
What is Sue's group called?A Night of Neglect
What is the name of Santana and Karofsky's safety group called?Born This Way
What is the name of Brittany's internet talk show called?Rumours
Name one person Rachel went to prom with.Prom Queen
Where does Sue try to get the New Directions plane to land?Funeral
What place at Nationals did they come in?New York
What is Mercedes' new boyfriend's name?The Purple Piano Project
Who is the coach of Sugar's Glee Club?I Am Unicorn
Mike got an A- on a test. What subject was it?Asian F
What did Brittany think Rory was?Pot O' Gold
What is the football recruiter's name?The First Time
Who does Finn out?Mash Off
Who wins the presidential election? I Kissed a Girl
Who does Rachel and Finn get to rejoin New Directions?Hold on to Sixteen
What does Finn give Rachel for Christmas?Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Who does Becky have a crush on?Yes/No
What is in the slushie thrown at Blaine?Michael
Which character wants to have a baby?The Spanish Teacher
What weren't Brittany and Santana allowed to do in the school hallways?Heart
What does Quinn want to rejoin?On My Way
Where is Senior Ditch Day spent?Big Brother
What did Brittany post online, upsetting Santana?Saturday Night Glee-ver
What is the 'guy from the CD store's' name?Dance With Somebody
How many tries did Rachel get to sing the song correctly before her audition was over?Choke
What item is banned from prom?Prom-asaurus
After Tina hits her head, who does Quinn 'turn into?'Props
Who wins Teacher of the Year?Nationals
Where does Finn drive Rachel to?Goodbye

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