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Can you name the Buffy trivia by letter??

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She was accidentally killed by Warren (Actor name)A
She played Kendra (first name)B
He is a 'floppy-eared' friend of SpikeC
Oz's bandD
She plays Amy (first name)E
Riley's last nameF
The emmy-nominated episode (for outstanding writing)in which The Gentlemen come to town to steal heartsH
The government project overseen by Maggie WalshI
The name Buffy gives herself in the episode Tabula RasaJ
The item that Glory searches for in season fiveK
Angel's human nameL
Willow and Tara's catM
He played Caleb (first name)N
The title of the musical episode in season 6O
The title of the first season finaleP
He is the representative from the Council that finally tells Beffy that Glory is a godQ
Buffy's address is 1630 __________ DriveR
The Scooby Gang lives in this ficticious townS
Andrew is his younger brotherT
The network that broadcasted seasons 6 and 7U
The she-werewolf that tried to kill WillowV
Spike's human nameW
He got 'the funny syphillis'X
Spike tries to use the ______ Factor to help Adam separate Buffy from her friendsY
Xander loses his virginity while the Scooby gang save the world from another apocalypse in this episodeZ

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