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AShe played Meg Manning
BVeronica's dog
CHe blew up the mayor's plane
DA trip to the ____________
EWeevil`s first name
FInstant messenger name of the Neptune High IT tech
GHannah's last name
HThe teacher Veronica babysits for (last name)
IThe place Amelia DeLongpre went after isgning settlement papers with Kane Software
JCeleste`s husband
KAlicia Fennel's workplace
LVeronica drives this kind of car in the first two seasons
MName of the cult Keith and Veronica investigated in 'Drinking the Kool-Aid'
NHe is Wallace's real dad
OIn this episode, Logan finds Veronica passed out in the parking lot with a piece of her hair shaved
PFirst name of the actor who played Desmond Fellowes
RHe ran over a homeless man and blamed Wallace
SVeronica was raped at her party
TNeptune High's secret society
UVeronica often expresses her love for these mythical creatures
VIn this episode, Veronica finds a blackmailer who is threatening to turn over a list of gay students at Neptune High
WHe stole a secret message pen from Lily's bedroom
XThe X-Box game Logan is playing in ``An Echolls Family Christmas
YLily broke up with Logan because he kissed this girl at a party
ZLuke owes money to this drug dealer (last name)

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