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Can you name the political offices that existed during the Roman Republic?

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DescriptionOffice/NameHint 2
TreasurerInvestigated criminal acts
Representatives of the plebiansHad veto power
Representatives of the aristocracyServed for life
Chief military leadersTwo each served simultaneous one year terms
Served a 6 month term in a time of needFamous example: Cincinnatus
Controlled public moralsElected every 5 years
In charge of public worksIn charge of managing games and other events
Administered the lawIssued military commands
Governed individual provincesPosition used to make up the money that was lost during a political career
Head of the Roman religionHigh Priest of the College of Pontifs
Name of the 'Constitution'Engraved on walls and pillars throughout ancient Rome
Path for political advancement'Path of honor'

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