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Can you name the Top Rated Movies of the 2000's?

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Christopher Nolan2008
Peter Jackson2003
Fernando Meirelles/Kátia Lund2002
Peter Jackson2001
Christopher Nolan2000
Peter Jackson2002
Pete Docter/Bob Peterson2009
Quentin Tarantino2009
Andrew Stanton2008
Jean-Pierre Jeunet2001
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck2006
Roman Polanski2002
Martin Scorsese2006
Hayao Miyazaki2001
Michel Gondry2004
Darren Aronofsky2000
Guillermo del Toro2006
Neill Blomkamp2009
Danny Boyle2008
Oliver Hirschbiegel2004
Clint Eastwood2008
Christopher Nolan2006
Ruben Fleischer2009
Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez2005
Terry George2004
Christopher Nolan2005
Ethan Coen/Joel Coen2007
Ridley Scott2000
Chan-wook Park2003
Darren Aronofsky2008
J.J. Abrams2009
Paul Thomas Anderson2007
Richard Kelly2001
Sean Penn2007
Quentin Tarantino2003
Marc Webb2009
Clint Eastwood2004
Paul Greengrass2007
Guy Ritchie2000
Alejandro González Iñárritu2000
Andrew Stanton/Lee Unkrich2003
Brad Bird/Jan Pinkava2007
James McTeigue2005
Yôji Yamada2002
Brad Bird2004
Julian Schnabel2007
Alfonso Cuarón2006
Martin McDonagh2008
Wilson Yip2008
Clint Eastwood2006

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