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Can you name the geographic features, religions, and technologies of Ancient India & China?

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What protected the Chinese people from attackers?
What mountain range protected the Indian people from attackers?
What important writing tool did the Chinese people invent?
What did the Indian people construct their buildings using?
What allowed the Indian people easy access to water?
What was the religion of India?
What was the religion of China?
Who started the religion of China?
What was the written language of the Chinese called?
In a dynasty, who becomes the next king?
When you are reborn, you are _____________________.
Your duties or your responsibilities are called your _______________.
The consequences of fulfilling or not fulfilling your duties and responsibilities is called your ______________.
The social pyramid of Ancient India was called the ____________ ________________.
Who was below the rest of the classes on the Indian social pyramid, and could never be reborn into a higher caste?
India and China are on which continent?
What was the Indian epic that we read together named?
A _______________ is a collection of territories ruled by one government or person.
True or false: Hinduism was a polytheistic religion.
BONUS: What ocean was south of India?

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