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Can you name the features of Ancient Greece??

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Who wrote the Odyssey?
Who was the hero of the Iliad?
What word means 'never dying?'
What type of government did Athens have?
What type of landform was Ancient Greece located on?
Where did the Greek gods live?
Who was the king of the Greek gods?
Which city-state valued war, strength, and the army?
What athletic competition was started in Ancient Greece that still continues today?
Who ran the oligarchy in Sparta?
Who was a powerful military leader who conquered the largest empire in the world?
What did the Greeks invent on buildings?
What is a long story or poem about a hero called?
Which city-state valued beauty, art, and education?
What did other civilizations rely on that Greece did not have?
What is a city with its own government, culture, and values?
What type of government is controlled by a small group of people?
What running event, which covers 26.2 miles, was invented in Ancient Greece?
Was Greece's religion monotheistic or polytheistic?
What type of democracy do people vote directly on decisions, instead of representatives?

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