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The first instance of the Roosevelt Corollary
Eugene Debs ran as a candidate of this party in 1908
Led opposition to the League of Nations in the United States
According to Wilson, the US was fighting to...
Prompted Russia's withdrawal from World War 1
The 16th amendment instated the
Famous Progressive governor of Wisconsin
Architect of the Open Door Policy in China
The first Jew named to the Supreme Court and a liberal reformer
Location chosen for the Atlantic/Pacific canal
First chief of the National Forest Service
A secret ballot named for the country where it originiated
Exposed the corruption in Standard Oil
National organization of banks that determines monetary policy
Ability for voters to take a government official out of office
Synonym for monopoly
Specified illegal monopolistic practices
Said full constitutional rights does not automatically extend to all areas under American control
Vicious Spanish general in charge of Cuba
Group of citizens who were against the Spanish American War and the gaining of new territories
Roosevelt's third party in the 1912 election
Promise that Germany would no longer use unrestricted submarine warfare
Journalists interested in exposing corruption
Was shot by Leon Czgolv
Coordinated the converting of factories to production of war materials
Wrote about the corruptness of the US Senate
A Chinese nationalist movement against foreign influences
This type of press, which focuses on scandal, was instrumental in starting the Spanish American War
Famous military doctor who is credited with finding the origin of yellow fever
Was a direct effect of 'The Jungle'
The Theory of the Leisure Class
The 17th amendment allowed for the direct election of
Wrote 'The Jungle' about the meatpacking industry
Ship with American citizens sunk on it by German U-Boats
Large collection of US navy ships that toured the globe to show American dominance
US would not restrict Japanese immigration if the Japanese government would not allow further immigration
Succeeded Roosevelt as President
Government organization aimed at consumer protection and preventing monopolies
Teddy Roosevelt's domestic program
Famous California Progressive governor that took on the railroads
Group of Americans interested in reforms during the early twentieth century
US ship that exploded causing the Spanish American War
This amendment gave women the right to vote
US backed rebels in Panama overthrew this nation
Point 14 of Wilson's 14 points for an international peacekeeping organization
Wilson's domestic program
Leader of the Philippine insurrection against the Spanish
Stated that European nations would not be allowed to colonize any further in the Western Hemisphere
This American city tried to segregate Japanese students
Treaty ending World War I
Promised Mexico lands in the Southwest if they were to attack the United States
Wilson signed tariff that lowered rates from 40% to 25%
Something that voters can put on the ballot
Base in Cuba that is under American control
Passed with the declaration of war and said that the US would not annex Cuba
Teddy Roosevelt was asked to broker a peace treaty for this war
Believed a country's dominance depended on its naval resources
Famous instance of Roosevelt trust busting case against JP Morgan
Queen Liluokalani was the deposed monarch of this new US territory
Made rebates by railroad companies illegal
Strike where Roosevelt sided with the laborers
The 18th amendment banned the sale and production of...
Germany. Austria-Hungary, Italy
Famous muckraker who published pictures of the slums in 'How the Other Half Lives'
U-Boats are also known as
A fire at this factory led to a lot of Progressive reforms
In charge of producing propaganda in America during World War 1
Gives the federal government power to set maximum railroad rates
Where voters are asked to vote to accept or reject a proposal
One of the two major news publishers that practiced yellow journalism
Wilson's plan for post-World War 1 peace
Replaced the Teller Amendment. Ensures US involvement in Cuban affairs
Group of informal soldiers led by Teddy Roosevelt
Famous US general that led forces in World War I
Labor union that was vocally opposed to World War I
Taft's beliefs that American investors should spend money in other countries as a means of diplomacy
Said that citizens did not have to free speech that constituted a 'clear and present danger' to the United States
The US will intervene in the affairs of Latin American countries to keep European influence out

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