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Large tobacco baron during the Gilded Age
Set of discriminatory laws in the post-Civil War South
Crusaded against sweatshops, child labor, and for the minimum wage.
Founded of Hull Houses to aid new immigrants in fitting in
The father of skyscrapers
Believed that African Americans would gradually earn equality after learning vocational trades
Attempt to control all factors of production of a good to eliminate competition
Inventor of the telephone
Meatpacking tycoon during the Gilded Age
The only ethnic group to be legislatively excluded from immigrating
Governor of Illinois instrumental in the Progressive reform movement
Division between East and West in the US is thought of to be the ____ meridian
Where the railroad companies join together to fix high prices
Famous Gilded Age newspaper publisher of the St. Louis Dispatch
Focusing on scandal in order to sell papers
Legendary Nez Perce leader
Wrote a Century of Dishonor to detail the abuses of the US government towards Native Americans
Labor rally turned violent when a bomb was thrown. KIlled 8 police officers.
Credited with the term 'Gilded Age'
Group of farmers who began to bond together to push for their economic rights
The wedding of the rails deals with the completion of this
Last major battle of the Indian Wars. Involved the ghost dance movement
Republicans who, over financial corruption, voted for (D) Grover Cleveland
Attempt to limit competition by buying up all competitors
Leg on intercontinental railroad that started in Omaha, NE
Carnegie book that advocates for philanthropy
Term used to describe the industrial changes coming to the South to entice investment
Leg on intercontinental railroad that started in Sacramento, CA
Leading American railroad speculator. Also teamed with James Fisk to manipulate the gold market.
Belief in the survival of the fittest in society
Allowed for the creation of land-grant universities to develop agricultural research
Where the owners of a mill refuse to let the workers go to work
Famous historian who theorized on the impact of the frontier in American History
Significant labor union that focused on the 'bread and butter'' issues
An adult education movement in the late 19th and 20th century
Current state that Indian Territory was located
Socialist labor leader put in jail for his role in the Pullman Strike
Nickname for the Battle of Little Bighorn where several US soldiers were massacred
Steel tycoon during the Gilded Age
The first national labor federation. Admitted skilled & unskilled workers
A protest march of unemployed workers
Bryan said that American workers would not be crucified on...
Provided immense amounts of free land for US citizens
Succeeded James Garfield as President of the United States
To artificially inflate the value of a stock
Leading advocate of the 'New South'
People who broke the law and attempted to settle in Oklahoma earlier than the sale date
Large and violent steel strike against US Steel
Influential Republican Speaker of the House during the Gilded Age
Inventor of the lightbulb among many other inventions
Federal law designed to regulate monopolistic practices in the railroad industry primarily
Reformed the civil service system in the country
Founder of the American Red Cross
Head of the American Federation of Labor. Important figure in the labor movement
Movement in America that was prejudiced against new immigrants
Set up the 'separate but equal' doctrine
Believed that African Americans should get instant equality
National holiday created to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers
Carnegie's steel company
Contract where the employee agrees to not be a part of the union
Shot President James Garfield
Applied Christian ethics to solve the growing social problems in the cities
Synonym for monopoly
Corrupt leader of Tammany Hall that traded favors/jobs with new immigrants in exchange for votes
An African American civil rights organization founded by W.E.B. Du Bois
Populist Democratic candidate for President in 1896 and 1900
Rockefeller's company
Limited the ability of states to regulate railroad companies
Highly protective tariff signed in 1890. It also bears the name of a future President
Built the largest newspaper chain
Important labor organization during the Gilded Age. Blamed for the Haymarket Riot
The personification of the feminine ideal of beauty during the Gilded Age
New process that breathed oxygen to purify steel thereby making it cheaper to produce
Christian theologist who was influential in the Social Gospel movement
Oil tycoon during the Gilded Age
Largely agrarian movement that looked to regulate banks, railroads, etc.
Railroad workers went on strie for this company. President Cleveland intervened on the side of the big business
Famous financier during the Gilded Age

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